20 years of oraïse – from a start-up to a mid-sized company

Press Release – 20 years of oraïse

Bremen/Frankfurt, 01.06.2015 oraïse is the specialised IT Business Partner with market expertise for the financial market. Innovative software solutions enable enterprises to improve their business processes, reduce costs and ultimately make their business more competitive. The slogan of oraïse is: Everything from a single source! Based on their 20 years of experience, oraïse offers a complete portfolio of products and services, where customers can totally satisfy their needs, by selecting the appropriate items. The oraïse service portfolio ranges from software products, software development, consulting and planning, to operations and ongoing support.

From a start-up to a mid-sized company
It began in 1994 with a start-up company focussing on databases development and technical customer service and support in the financial market. Using great commitment and reliable solutions, oraïse succeeded in expanding its customer’s base and inaugurates the office of Frankfurt in 2002 to provide technical supports for Thomson Reuters in the Frankfurt metropolitan area. This ongoing partnership stands, in addition to several others, for the sustainability of the company’s activity. Meanwhile oraïse has now ten points of presence in Germany and Switzerland, to guarantee customer service proximity and short reaction times.

The steady growth of a company requires a continuous development, of workflow processes and employees. In this regard, oraïse has made good experiences with flat hierarchies, as the most effective working style. Moreover, flexible working hours and a practiced family-friendliness are motivating the employees on a long-term basis and strengthen the sustainability of the company. On its way to success, oraïse has always developed continuous business relationships and thus created confidence among customers and partners. This often results by the extension of the business activity.
Meanwhile oraïse employs more than 100 people and generated an annual turnover of approximately 14 million euros during 2014.

Good choices for the future
The executive board keeps developing future strategies for implementation. Markus Hengstenberg, the CEO and owner of oraïse says: “Results-based considerations for the future of the company, combined with decisiveness, have always been a vital component for the long-lasting success of oraïse and will strengthen the company’s sustainability.”

Jörg Hiermayr
Marketing and Communication

oraise GmbH
Haferwende 10 a
28357 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 33553-54
Fax.: +49 421 33553-55
E-Mail: joerg.hiermayr@oraise.com

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