Advisory and Planning

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Continuity, trust and reliability are our key values. The main focus of our activities, is to generate customer benefits through solution-based consultancy, planning, conceptual design and professional services. oraïse enables you to reach your business objectives, by providing IT solutions designed for your enterprise.The field of Advisory and Planning features

  • Technical expertise and best practise approach
  • Experienced consultants and project managers
  • Complete coverage of the entire IT value chain
  • Target-oriented implementation, a transparent cost model


Advisory and Planning – Our expertise

Many years of experience in successfully providing services to the financial markets and trading, especially in the fields of market- and transaction data (asset classes, data types, field content, frequencies, sources and vendors, data dissemination protocols, and regulatory requirements) define our role as true experts in these fields.

Starting with the creation of technology studies and market data analysis , as well as covering conceptual and system design, our consultants always provide targeted results with a clear focus on a demand-actuated implementation. Our integration modules are designed according to your demands and tailored to work with your systems, allowing you to increase the level of automation and therefore to enable the smooth operation of processes and procedures of your internal workflows.

In addition our consultants command extensive knowledge regarding order routing, order management and electronic trading systems. We provide you with seamless transition for changing exchange infrastructures and related protocols (e.g. VALUES, FIX)

The oraïse solution portfolio is based on the latest software architectures and patterns. Our approach relies on carefully selected open source technologies and software components of leading providers. In the field of Advisory and Planning and Realization the focus lies always on a combination of cost efficiency and optimised solutions to enable financial enterprises to operate mission critical architectures securely and tailored to existing infrastructures.
Successful software development projects go hand in hand with a number of factors: the optimal selection of technologies to be used, proper methodology, efficient project management, prototypes, clickable dummies and beta releases for testing and quality assurance. Another key factor for the expedient execution of projects is the early involvement of users in order to detect and amend deviations from the project-cycle early on.

Our experienced team of developers, consultants and project managers assists you during the life cycle of a project, to adapt to changing requirements and factors, in order to ensure the best possible implementation of your projects. If requested, we can also offer mediation services in order to reduce the efforts on client’s project participants.