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L-Bank opts for SnapFlux financial market data management system from oraïse

Since the beginning of November 2021, Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg – Förderbank (L-Bank) has been using the financial market data management solution from oraïse for the standardised acquisition and quality assurance of market and master data.

The SnapFlux EDM (Enterprise Data Management) system from oraïse enables L-Bank to obtain the market data delivered from its information service providers in a uniform and standardised format. This way data become assesible to all internal applications in the required quality.
Complementing the pure price data from the information service providers Refinitiv (- an LSEG business unit formerly Thomson Reuters), IHS Markit and TPICAP (Tullet Prebon & ICAP), securities master data and valuation prices from the German provider WM Group are equally processed.

In addition to the highly automated validation processes, extensive possibilities for manual quality assurance of the data including a flexibly adjustable 4-eyes principle have been realised in the solution.
The connection to the information service providers takes place in the ISO 27001:2013 certified data centres of oraïse and is operated there on high availability standards. The functional part of the solution relating to the quality assurance of the data is operated by L-Bank in its own data centres in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

The solution was realised in a joint project in several phases within a total period of only 15 months, despite restrictions due to the pandemic.
The SnapFlux EDM solution from oraïse now allows L-Bank to ensure even more efficient and comprehensive quality assurance of the received market and master data, thus improving risk management.

About L-Bank:
Baden-Württemberg’s development bank supports the economy, the municipalities and the people all over the federal state.
It supports start-ups, investment projects and energy-saving measures, as well as the expansion of municipal infrastructures. L-Bank promotes the acquisition of proprietary real estate and allocates dedicated funds for the construction of social rented housing. The bank supports parental allowances, finances educational measures and strengthens environmental and climate protection.

Expansion of the shareholder basis reinforces the continuity of the oraïse Group

oraïse has expanded its ownership structure to provide long-term support for its continued positive business development:

Manuel Raeber, previously the sole owner of the oraïse Group, is expanding the circle of shareholders to include the long-standing members of his management team Achim Buechner, Dietmar Grün, Jan Kaars and Michael Schobert. Manuel Räber continues to be the largest shareholder and remains Managing Director of the oraise Group.
With this structural expansion, Manuel Räber intends to focus more intensively on strategic tasks and leave parts of his operational duties to the well-established management team.    

Manuel Räber comments: “For me, this expansion is the ideal scenario for the sustainable future of oraïse and the best way to ensure continuity. The extended commitment of my management colleagues ensures that we remain rooted in our home markets of Switzerland and Germany, and that the culture of an independently operating and owner-managed company will be preserved. Clients, partners and employees can thus continue to plan with us for the long term, and we will continuously expand our offering in terms of content and regional reach. We are optimally positioned for this growth perspective.”

New Data Centre – NTT

#EQUINIX #INTERXION #NTTData, extension of our data centre locations, #NTTData Frankfurt as new location for oraïse services around market- and trading data

In addition to the public cloud solutions (#AZURE #AWS #GOOGLE) and the so far existing data centres at #Equinix and #Interxion in Frankfurt and Zurich, the oraïse services are now also available in the #NTTData data centre Frankfurt as a private or hybrid cloud solution for our customers. Please contact us for more information!

oraïse PICOS live with Refinitiv Contribution Channel

The first PICOS customer changed contribution in their production environment from MarketLink IP to the new Refiniv Contribution Channel, both products of Refinitiv (an LSEG business) after an extensive test and transition phase.

In time for the upcoming obsolescence of MLIP, announced by Refinitiv for Q3/2021, PICOS, the multi contribution platform from oraïse, enables the efficient publication of market data to the new Refinitiv interface, with a newly developed software part.

PICOS is a platform-independent and optimising multi-vendor market data contribution server, which allows market data generated in financial institutions to be accurately communicated in parallel to vendors such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg, SIX Financial Information, Infront, and more.

Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our new website: The website to an important product of oraïse.
If you want to quickly and easily integrate your market data into your systems then you will find the right solution here:

With SnapFlux from oraïse, individual and high-maintenance stand-alone solutions can be transformed into a reliable service! The focus on needs-based tailoring avoids high costs for the acquisition of market data from different vendors.

To find out how you can use SnapFlux for your business and how the product is developing, visit

The first version of the website is in German, the English version will follow soon.
We are looking forward to feedback and comments on the solution as well as on the website.

Former Thomson Reuters / vwd / Telekurs manager joins oraïse

oraïse extents management team to include the position of a chief strategy officer.

Financial market service provider oraïse group, specialised in integration, operation, consulting and optimisation of market and transactional data, extents the management team with Christoph Kuzinski.

Kuzinski has a long lasting experience in sales and management positions within the financial market. Besides other positions, he severed as genaral manager at Telekurs (now SIX) in Germany as well as in various sales roles at Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv) and at vwd group. The last couple of years Kuzinski worked as freelance Consultant and Coach.

As chief strategy officer based in Frankfurt Kuzinski is responsible for the strategic development of the whole oraïse Gruppe.

Cost-saving through test systems in hybrid environments

For complex 3rd party applications, different instances and stages often have to be maintained in the financial market.
In most cases, there is a two-digit number of development- and test systems.
Through the use of modern DevOps and container technologies, we are able to create test and integration instances dynamically
in hybrid environments “on-demand” without having to maintain the infrastructure 365x7x24.
Deployments to private and private/public clouds are possible within minutes.
This allows significant cost saving to be achieved through the use of (HW) resources, without restrictions in development and test processes.
To learn more contact us:

When emergency assistance becomes excellent service

Another example of the smooth takeover of a complete application management system was recently completed with the achievement of a milestone:
Due to personnel changes in August, our customer experienced a critical bottleneck in the application management of EUREX modules. We were not only able to offer our customer help in an emergency, but also to provide transition and integration into the existing service.
In parallel, new releases were accompanied in the simulation (Eurex T7 Release 9.0, Eurex C7 7.0, and Eurex F7 3.4). In the last few weeks, all components were transferred to the service and the new releases were accompanied in their productive implementation.

We are particularly pleased to have received such positive feedback from the customer in this week’s service call and to have once again been able to demonstrate our IT and service competence in application management. Whenever it is time-critical and important.

If you need support in your application management, please let us know. Send a message to

TPICAP SURFIX API implemented as SnapFlux data source

TP ICAP Data & Analytics aggregates ICAP, Tullett Prebon and PVM data via SURFIX. As one of the first integration partners, oraïse has implemented the new API and we are very pleased to have partnered with TP ICAP on SURFIX, enriching our SnapFlux market data hub with a valuable data source for our customers, providing them with ever more choices in meeting their specific market data requirements

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