CO:RE Trading Platform – Successful Migration

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oraïse supports SIX Repo participants in the migration to the new CO:RE trading platform

BREMEN / ZURICH – 17.03.2016 With the recent launch of the new CO:RE trading platform SIX Repo marks CO:RE as the only access to the two markets CH Repo and OTC Spot and the Repo and OTC auctions of the Swiss National Bank. In the last months, participants of SIX Repo and oraïse have intensively been working on this change. oraïse provided a complete migration concept with the Exchange Services | SIX Repo for the participants of SIX Repo already at the beginning of the test phase. With the live date of the CO:RE trading platform, at the end of February 2016, the switch of access was a complete success for both existing and new customers.

With years of experience in financial markets and in close cooperation with SIX oraïse developed a user friendly managed hosting solution for oraïse customers. Via an ASP solution oraïse provided a parallel access to the previous and the new CO:RE trading platform. Through a test and validation period, oraise ensured that the final migration was performed easily, safely and quickly, enabling a smooth transition. The oraïse managed hosting solution offers great advantages even in the future. All further updates and installations of the CO:RE trading platform will be performed centrally on the platform for the clients, allowing oraïse customers to focus on their core business.

Christoph Börlin, CIIA, M.A. HSG, Director, Head of Treasury (Cash & FX Management), Baloise Asset Management: “The cooperation with oraïse while migrating to the new CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo was as usually very professional. Through the expertise of the oraïse employees our company had no internal effort during testing and my colleagues were able to focus on participating in the simulation environment. We appreciate a lot, that the complexity of the conversion was completely handled by oraïse and therefore our internal IT could waive the implementation of a new infrastructure and instead focus on other important internal tasks.”

Manuel Räber, CEO of oraïse Schweiz AG: “As the European market leader for integrated market and transaction data systems and services, we are proud of the close cooperation with SIX Repo and the resulting development of a multi-member solution with different access types. Therefore all participants of SIX Repo who cooperated with oraïse during the migration phase received tailored solutions. These options enabled a successful, safe and complete migration to the CO:RE trading platform.”

Learn more about the new CO:RE trading platform on the website of the SIX Repo.

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oraïse is an independent IT provider in the financial business with approx. 100 employees at 10 locations in Europe. We focus on services in the area of financial information, and access to stock exchanges. oraïse offers products, services and consulting for the integration and operation of market and transaction data. Our clients include banks, stock exchanges, market data providers and financial service providers, as well as trade and treasury departments of large industrial and insurance companies.

For over 20 years oraïse acts successfully in these business areas as an owner-managed company. For our customers our products, services and consulting services generate added value, reduce infrastructure costs and enable them to work more efficiently.

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