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Before a Market Data Audit is due…

Most likely, it’s not a big question for you at present, but as a user of Market Data in your organisation, the issue will probably come up sooner or later:

Exchanges and vendors check the compliant usage of the sourced data with the contractual agreements by means of an audit at the customers’ premises. Due to the pandemic situation, such audits have only taken place to a limited extent, recently. However, we expect that audits will resume increasingly in the course of the year.

Experience has shown that, such audits lead to unpleasant discussions or significant additional demands from the exchanges and vendors due to non-compliant use of the data.

To prevent this, we offer a special service:

Together with you, we check your exchange and data contracts in advance and review them looking at the compliance aspect of the usage and/or identify existing gaps.

Our specialists have the technical and professional expertise to be able to competently assess even complex issues and work out possible solutions with you to minimise your financial and operational risks.

This way, you can go into the audit with a greater degree of certainty, and there are usually significant additional benefits as well:

In most cases, we identify areas for you where data use can be optimised and you can save real costs.

Let’s talk about it….

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