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CapitalMarkets.Technology and oraïse announce partnership

oraïse, a leading provider in the development and operation of Market Data & Enterprise Data Management Solutions partners with CapitalMarkets.Technology, a provider of innovative Connectivity & FIX Technology Solutions for Financial Market participants.

The partnership will enable existing and new customers to benefit from an enhanced products and service offering due to the combination of strong and complimenting technology & expertise from both partners.

“Our partnership with oraïse will enable us to enter adjacent customer segments,” said Anders Henriksson, Partner at CapitalMarkets.Technology. “Our F-I-X B2B SaaS is already one of the most advanced Cloud & FIX connectivity platforms, servicing key industry segments including Buy-sides and their Vendors, Sell-sides and their Vendors, as well as Exchanges and Regulators.” He continues “The oraïse partnership adds Market Data, an exciting new dimension to the service development of F-I-X B2B SaaS.”

Dietmar Grün, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at oraïse, added “Together with CapitalMarkets.Technolgy we are showcasing our ambitions to add efficiency and to support the Cloud-transformation of IT Services within the Financial Services industry. Extending our product and service offering on the basis of state-of-the-art technology, we see considerable value for our client base and therefore great market potential within the entire industry.”

To determine how Financial Services institutions might benefit from these new service offerings in conjunction with their actual market data operations and exchange connectivity, please reach out to a representative at either CapitalMarkets.Technology or oraïse.

About CapitalMarkets.Technology

CM.T is on a mission to disrupt the value chain for Buy- to Sell-side and Execution Venue order flow across all major asset classes. CM.T provides F-I-X, a B2B SaaS platform that comes with a complete set of order flow related business solutions targeted at the enterprise. The company was founded by a group of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with strong, diverse backgrounds throughout the Capital Markets vertical. CM.T’s well-rounded leadership team has extensive experience from previous senior roles at Buy-side and Sell-side vendors as well as working directly for major players on the Buy-side, Sell-side and with Exchanges.

About oraïse

oraïse is a specialized IT service provider for the Financial Markets. Leveraging their ISO 27001 certification of the IT service providing areas, oraïse can also offer their customer base substantial outsourcing support of their IT processes. Their innovative solutions enable Financial Market participants to use Information Technology more efficiently, in more flexible ways, and most importantly, with greater success.

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