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About oraïse

Consulting – leverage our specific know-kow in financial market IT

Continuity, trust and reliability are our core promises. Customer benefit through solution-oriented advice and planning, conception and professional implementation, that’s the focus of our activities.

Digital Transformation

We don’t just see “digital transformation” as a buzzword. On the contrary: We advise you specifically on infrastructure options, functional and technical variants and operating concepts that fit your business ideas and ideas about digitization.

Market Data Consulting

The primary goals of any Market Data Consulting project are to increase efficiency and cost savings while ensuring compliance. To do this, we consider relevant technical requirements, activations, technical set-up and contract design.

Trading/Order Management

Use our in-depth knowledge of order routing, order management and electronic trading systems for smooth switching of exchange infrastructure, for example in terms of protocols such as VALUES and FIX.

You need consulting and planning? Trust in the expertise of oraïse.

oraïse supports you in achieving your corporate goals with the help of business-oriented IT solutions. This is what you can expect from our consultation and planning services:

Financial market

Our many years of experience in the financial market and in the area of ​​stock exchange trading make us proven experts. This applies in particular to all things market and transaction data: asset classes, data types, field contents, frequencies, sources and suppliers, transport protocols, trading requirements and trading practices.

From studies on technologies and data requirement analyses to concept development and system selection, our consultants always work in a goal-oriented manner with a clear focus on needs-based integration. Our integration modules pave the way for increasing the degree of automation and thus for promoting smooth process flows. Of course, all this is individually adapted to customer systems and needs.

Software architectures

Our solution concepts are based on the implementation of modern architectures and established patterns. Our methodology is based on the use of selected open source technologies and software components from commercially available providers.

The focus of consulting, planning and implementation is the most cost-efficient and best possible development of suitable applications in order to enable the secure operation of business-critical architectures individually and reliably and to adapt them to the infrastructure of our customers.

Models and methods

The success of IT projects depends on numerous factors: optimal selection of technologies to be used, the right methodology, efficient project management, prototypes, clickable dummies, testable releases. Equally, we understand how to boost efficiency by involving users early and, associated with that, detect deviations in the project cycle in a timely manner.

Our experienced team of developers, consultants and project managers will help you to implement your projects optimally, taking into account volatile factors during the project period. In order to relieve project employees on the customer side, we also offer mediation on request.

More efficiency and profitability for your financial enterprise

…now! oraïse is your IT partner on the financial markets with actionable solutions, consulting and innovative tools from the worlds of IT and management. Let’s work together on the future of your financial enterprise – starting right now. Sign up via e-mail!