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Cyber risks – One of the six main risk types in BaFin’s focus

In its current paper from last month, BaFin highlights six main risks for financial institutions that it will focus on for 2022. Among them is cybersecurity, or the cyber risks that need to be avoided.

It is a topic currently receiving increased attention in the industry, and in many cases forcing companies to take action to meet existing requirements.

Especially where sensitive data and critical infrastructures are concerned, in a dynamically changing environment.

BaFin makes no secret of how it intends to proceed:

“BaFin will continue to deal intensively with cyber risks in 2022 and, among other things, will increasingly conduct dedicated IT audits at institutions and companies. Depending on the results, it will derive further need for action.”

BaFin Newsletter, March 2022

Therefore, we recommend act with foresight.

At oraise we are happy to support you as experts with relevant experience in this field in order to:

– Identify and avoid risks in IT operations

– Develop and implement sensible cybersecurity concepts in the financial sector for the management of entire infrastructures, platforms and applications.

– To be technologically up to date and available on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid variants

– As a company, we have all the relevant certifications, so we can guarantee IT operations in accordance with the regulatory requirements for complete or significant outsourcing as well. 

If you would like to discuss the topic of your requirements in more detail with us, there are several options:

Send us an email to: vertrieb@oraise.com

We would also be happy to meet in person. The D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information DKF in Munich on May 18, 2022 offers a perfect opportunity for this.

You will find us at stand B14.

Feel free to register at DKF@oraise.com, and let us know when to expect you.

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