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Enterprise Data Management – EDM: The difficulties around the topic, especially for smaller companies

There are a number of necessities, regulations and requirements that companies need to comply with, regardless of their size. For example, every institution trading financial products, hold them in its portfolio or takes on corresponding risks, is forced value these at the end of the day. Validated prices and other trade-independent data are required for this purpose. To validate and deliver these datasets derived from various data sources is the task of Enterprise Data Management (EDM). 

Anyone looking for EDM software will find a number of systems on the market. Here is where the problem starts:

There is a wider range of systems designed to manage large and complex data needs. The costs and effort involved in implementing and operating the solution are correspondingly high. For many organisations with only small and medium data needs, the true challenge is to work with potentially oversized systems.

Therefore, we have developed a solution that is easy to handle, set-up and operated (e.g. as SaaS), ideally suiting typical needs:

Snapflux-EDM, the enterprise data management module for our market data hub.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of designing and using this product, you can find more information here:

Market data with SnapFlux – cost optimisation and compliance.

Alternatively, contact us directly at Christoph.Kuzinski@oraise.com or vertrieb@oraise.com

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