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About oraïse

Regulatory and IT operational challenges for Asset Managers

Are you sure you are meeting all the regulatory requirements and demands on your in-house IT?

“Not THIS topic too…” You can probably hear one or two managing directors or IT managers saying this, can’t you?

Perhaps you can relate to this matter in your company:
As an Asset Manager or KVG, you are struggling with ever-increasing regulation or newer topics such as sustainable investing and ESG data management.
At the same time you have to keep an eye on costs.

If, on top of that, IT operations or a potential shift of services to the Cloud is a concern, or BAFIN is on your doorstep for inspections, yes then….

you should ask yourself how oraïse can support you as a partner or service provider.

Our offering covers a variety of topics, starting with an inventory and requirement analysis. We’ll investigate options of outsourcing, either of parts or your IT operations entirely, with an eye on  IT security as well as a potential Cloud Services migration.

For example, we offer

– Hosting of dedicated hardware resources in data centres or your locations

– Provision of virtual hardware via a private Cloud

– Integration of Cloud Services in different environments

– IT security concepts and support during implementation

If you are interested in more detail, you can find more information here:


To discuss a customised solution for your requirements with us, simply leave us a message.

More efficiency and profitability for your financial enterprise

…now! oraïse is your IT partner on the financial markets with actionable solutions, consulting and innovative tools from the worlds of IT and management. Let’s work together on the future of your financial enterprise – starting right now. Sign up via e-mail!