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L-Bank opts for SnapFlux financial market data management system from oraïse

Since the beginning of November 2021, Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg – Förderbank (L-Bank) has been using the financial market data management solution from oraïse for the standardised acquisition and quality assurance of market and master data.

The SnapFlux EDM (Enterprise Data Management) system from oraïse enables L-Bank to obtain the market data delivered from its information service providers in a uniform and standardised format. This way data become assesible to all internal applications in the required quality.
Complementing the pure price data from the information service providers Refinitiv (- an LSEG business unit formerly Thomson Reuters), IHS Markit and TPICAP (Tullet Prebon & ICAP), securities master data and valuation prices from the German provider WM Group are equally processed.

In addition to the highly automated validation processes, extensive possibilities for manual quality assurance of the data including a flexibly adjustable 4-eyes principle have been realised in the solution.
The connection to the information service providers takes place in the ISO 27001:2013 certified data centres of oraïse and is operated there on high availability standards. The functional part of the solution relating to the quality assurance of the data is operated by L-Bank in its own data centres in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

The solution was realised in a joint project in several phases within a total period of only 15 months, despite restrictions due to the pandemic.
The SnapFlux EDM solution from oraïse now allows L-Bank to ensure even more efficient and comprehensive quality assurance of the received market and master data, thus improving risk management.

About L-Bank:
Baden-Württemberg’s development bank supports the economy, the municipalities and the people all over the federal state.
It supports start-ups, investment projects and energy-saving measures, as well as the expansion of municipal infrastructures. L-Bank promotes the acquisition of proprietary real estate and allocates dedicated funds for the construction of social rented housing. The bank supports parental allowances, finances educational measures and strengthens environmental and climate protection.

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