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Use Case: Multivendor Platform in the Cloud

Background and challenge:

Our client, a German Tier 2 bank that belongs to the sell-side, has been using RTDS and corresponding predecessor models from Refinitiv as a platform in the Market Data area for many years. Different data connections from a total of four providers are permanently required on this platform. The goal of the joint architecture review was to be able to use and integrate data from the four vendors flexibly and to facilitate its operation externally via Cloud technology. Important requirements existed in the area of scalability of the solution, security and stability in operation. Ultimately, cost advantages should be realisable in the long term and compliance with vendor and stock exchange specifications should be guaranteed.

Solution components and important framework conditions:

An essential prerequisite for a successful implementation was the clarification and provision of the necessary infrastructure components and licensing. These include:

– Getting connection capabilities to the data centres ordered

– Licensing of all required platform components from Refinitiv

– Provision of all other vendor and exchange interfaces

– Coordination and clarification of requirements with internal data providers and customers

– Definition of schedules, tests and acceptance processes as well as DACS configuration

Central solution components:


The multi-tenant private cloud environment operated in two data centres consists of a VMware ESX virtualisation and a container solution based on Docker

All components are fully redundant within the respective data centre. The configuration is identical in both data centres.

The network infrastructure including the backbone of the RTDS is provided via the oraïse cloud platform. The connection of the customer and the individual vendors takes place via a dedicated firewall cluster to ensure that the connection between the customer, the vendors and the oraïse cloud platform is secured.

The connection to Refinitiv takes place via “Delivery Direct” and dedicated edge devices of the customer. In addition to real-time data, historical data is also made available by Refinitiv via this connection.

oraïse provides the necessary infrastructure for the Bloomberg B-Pipe routers in the form of rack space and power. The connection to the RTDS is secured by the firewall cluster via the network infrastructure of the oraïse cloud platform.

For VWD (Infront) and Six Financial, oraïse provides corresponding transfer points (via Cross Connect) within the oraïse Cloud Platform.

The server components required for the DACS infrastructure (DACS servers) are operated as Docker containers distributed across both data centres.

Service and operation:

Extended commitments as addition to the existing platform support with corresponding service levels:

Any bugs that may occur within the Refinitiv software will be re-addressed in fully supported versions as required.

Assumption of additional costs for operational continuity in case of errors that are clearly attributable to virtualisation / containerisation.

Optional service offerings:

– DACS User Administration and Market Data Administration Services.

– Extended service hours Monday – Friday between 6:00 and 8:00 and 18:00 and 21:00.

– Consultancy, installation/configuration, software development and project management as required.

The key benefits for the client in this case were:

– An infrastructure solution for Market Data management in the cloud, customised according to the client’s needs

– Cost-effective and secure platform operation

– Implementation in only six months and guarantee of all regulatory requirements

– oraise’s experience as an IT service provider for the Financial Services industry, namely as an existing partner and service provider for Market Data Platforms.

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