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The oraïse Group continues to expand

Magazine – July 25, 2019

The oraise Group, which specialises in operations and consulting in the fields of market data and stock exchange connectivity on the financial market, is expanding further to a total of 10 locations in Switzerland and Germany, with new locations in Basel, Geneva and Hammersbach (D).

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ESG data: Issues and challenges

Advice, Feature, Magazine, News · August 31, 2021

The issues and challenges for market participants in dealing with ESG and sustainability are manifold, and a number problems are – as so often – in the details. We see four main areas that need to be addressed and which we discuss here.


New website featuring SnapFlux solution

Advice, Announcement, Magazine · February 19, 2021

With SnapFlux from oraïse, individual and high-maintenance stand-alone solutions can be transformed into a reliable service! The focus on needs-based tailoring avoids high costs for the acquisition of market data from different vendors.

Releases and media coverage

Optimising the sourcing of market data

Optimising the Sourcing of Market Data

Advice, Magazine, News – May 4, 2022

Many of our clients repeatedly make efforts to make the procurement of Market Data more efficient. It’s a task that regularly promises real potential, since data procurement typically represents the third-largest source of costs for a Financial Institution. At the same time, compliance should and must of course be maintained.

Cyberrisks in Bafin's focus

Cyber risks – One of the six main risk types in BaFin’s focus

Advice, Feature, Magazine, News – April 26, 2022

BaFin makes no secret of how it intends to proceed: “BaFin will continue to deal intensively with cyber risks in 2022 and, among other things, will increasingly conduct dedicated IT audits at institutions and companies. Depending on the results, it will derive further need for action.”


Future and Perspective in Market Data Management

Magazine, News – April 14, 2022

Have you ever woken up in the wrong film, or would you like to have arrived in the future quickly? Would that also be something for the management of your Market Data? Would you also like to have the governance, transparency and thus the constant optimisation of your data retrieval in terms of efficiency and…

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