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About oraïse

Future and Perspective in Market Data Management

Have you ever woken up in the wrong film, or would you like to have arrived in the future quickly?

Would that also be something for the management of your Market Data?

Would you also like to have the governance, transparency and thus the constant optimisation of your data retrieval in terms of efficiency and costs. At oraise, we have a simple solution for you:

Our SnapFlux Product Suite.

Whether you need to obtain data from different vendors, directly connect brokers and specialist data providers, or require EDM functionalities for a quality-assured Market Data supply for internal applications. With SnapFlux you get a standardised product that covers all of these functionalities 100%.

We help you maximise the benefits you get from your existing data contracts, make procurement technically simple and minimise costs while maintaining complete transparency of data usage.

How exactly?

We will be happy to explain and show you at the D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information the DKF in Munich on May 18, 2022.

Please contact us at DKF@oraise.com and let us know when you would like to talk to us about the topic.

More efficiency and profitability for your financial enterprise

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