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Products - standardized tools to support your workflows

Optimization of data costs, reliable compliance with exchanges and vendors, the possibility of simple multivendor contributions and the generation of added value from exchange connections are the main advantages that the portfolio of oraïse products offers you. Learn more here.

SnapFlux Suite

Market data management and administration

Multivendor contribution PICOS

Further: Eurex Repo, Six Repo, FXT Companion

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SnapFlux Suite – Targeted and cost-optimized access to market data and ratings across the organization

With our SnapFlux suite of products, we offer you simple options to access a large number of vendor feeds tailored to the needs of your target systems.

Control options for your hub infrastructure make compliance and cost reduction easily possible. The SnapFlux Suite includes three main flavours:

You can find more information about the products in our SnapFlux suite, their functionality and benefits here:

Market data management and administration - efficiency, cost optimization and compliance in the area of ​​market data

Market data management

In addition to the technical operation of market data platforms, we offer the administration of Refinitiv DACS and Bloomberg EMRS with oraïse market data management. You can also use this for outsourcing purposes. For your user base, we take on the activation and deactivation, reporting and preparation of the DAD.

Our market data services are technically optimally adapted to the individual needs of financial companies and enable professional market data management to be established quickly.

Compliance readiness

With our unique “Compliance Readiness” service, we help you meet the common challenges of a market data environment: unmanageable compliance risks that easily occur due to continuously increasing requirements and growing complexity of licensing models.

Based on a low-entry commercial model and manageable effort, we provide you with clarity about the risks and weaknesses that you have via-à-vis compliance with data providers, as well as tangible recommendations for implementation.

Market data administration

It doesn’t matter where your current challenges lie with regards to market data. You might be short on staff, be about to be audited, you might have to process invoices or want to optimize costs or ensure compliance. We offer you personalized support alongside the following modules, in addition to infrastructure hosting:

  • Consulting & projects
  • Inventory only
  • Support only
  • Full service

PICOS – full flexibility for your internal and external contribution of market data

PICOS is a market data multi-contribution solution that can publish price and quote data from a financial institution’s internal sources in parallel to various market data vendors according to their technical and professional specifications. This is what sets PICOS apart:

  • PICOS is platform independent: Use Linux or Windows
  • PICOS is modular: interaction with data sources that use different technologies
  • PICOS is versatile: numerous vendor protocols are available
  • PICOS is fail-safe: full warm-standby redundancy all the way to vendor connections is implemented
  • PICOS is distributed: The system can be split across multiple servers and/or locations

The tool’s functionality and design options offer you unique advantages:

  • Independence from vendor infrastructure
  • Full flexibility to integrate new services or to react to changing requirements
  • Data presentation can be customized through dynamic configuration
  • System can be operated on Linux and/or Windows servers
  • Distributed, modular architecture for optimal performance and reliability
  • Parallel transmission over multiple channels to a vendor enables load balancing and increases throughput
  • Prioritizable transmission to a vendor ensures urgent updates are not delayed
  • Automatic mapping and reformatting (also optimized handling of pages) in the specific vendor protocol for all asset classes
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Learn more about PICOS!

Our fact sheet for PICOS features additional information about, for example:

  • Service management
  • Employed technologies
  • Possible input systems and formats

You can download it here:

Other products: leverage the added value and additional functions of your exchange access (exchange services)

Eurex Repo

The oraïse connection to the F7 API enables the recording of quotation data (pre-trade) and business data (post-trade).

In addition to customer-specific formats, Eurex Repo is able to provide data with high fidelity of data fields in an OTX-compatible file, e.g. for further use in Excel. For you, that means:

  • Little or no impact on internal processes
  • Simple connection of own applications
  • No interface adjustment necessary for customers
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

For more information, please contact us: info@oraise.com or via the contact page.

SIX Repo

With our user-friendly access to the new CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo, companies can quickly and easily realize all the advantages of a managed hosting solution. Depending on customer requirements, different access types and service packages are available.

  • Easy access to the CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo for the CH Repo and OTC Spot markets
  • Short project duration and, consequently, time-to-market, reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Holistic integration into existing processes
  • Remote maintenance, qualified monitoring and reporting
  • Service recommended by SIX Repo

For more information, please contact us: info@oraise.com or via the contact page.

FXT Companion

FXT is the current FX trading solution from LSEG-Refinitiv, having replaced the previously established Dealing System. With the “FXT Companion”, oraïse offers you a tailor-made solution for trading operations and integration into internal bank systems, including post-trade processing. Benefit from our many years of know-how in the FX market.

oraïse supports you in all specific questions arising on the migration path towards full integration of FXT functionality in Eikon. The oraïse infrastructure service can be ordered directly or obtained from Refinitiv. It consists entirely of the following elements:

  • Hardware rental option for clients, servers and infrastructure components
  • Migration support
  • Project management
  • Integration service
  • Operation of the Dealing Communication Appliance with required interfaces (feed handler) with remote maintenance option
  • Pro-active update service for the FXT application
  • Patch management for Microsoft Windows clients and anti-virus protection
  • Eikon operation on FXT Client including update service

For more information, please contact us: info@oraise.com or via the contact page.

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