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Service extension Market Data Administration

Who takes care of the administration of Market Data in your institution?
Is everything working smoothly?

In many Financial Institutions it is a necessary topic, not favored by many, and there are very few real experts in this field. We often hear that, someone gets the “extra task” when there are bills to be paid again….

A shame really, because market data is typically the third largest cost pool of any Financial Institution after staff and IT costs.  It is an interesting area where efficiencies and cost savings can often be made.

When and if professionals take care of the matter….

At oraïse, we already support a number of clients in the administration of the Market Data and offer the related professional and technical advice.  We have now modularised and expanded this service offering in addition to the management/hosting of the infrastructure.

Therefore, we’re now in the position to offer you this set of administrative service levels:

Support only – Support on an hourly or daily basis according to your needs for the operational business.

Inventory tool only – Management of the inventory tool, invoice control and creation of all necessary reports.

Consulting & Projects – Evaluation of data feeds and data packages, support of external audits plus cost optimisation.

Full service – Taking over all necessary administrative work where no client resources are available.

The services are provided by our specialists, all of whom have many years of experience as Market Data experts with a technical or specialist focus.

If you are interested in this offering, please contact us. Just send an e-mail to vertrieb@oraise.com.

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