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SnapFlux top-rated in Banking Technology Rankings 2023

We are pleased and feeling very proud by the latest recognition of SnapFlux as best product in the category “Data and data management”.

Late last week Infinite Intelligence published their first evaluations on Banking Technology in five categories:
– AI and Automation
– APIs
– Cloud
– Cyber-security
– Data and data management

While the report stresses the importance of effective data management from an operational as well as compliance point of view, the merits of SnapFlux are briefly summarized:

“The top ranked provider in the data management category is oraise with its SnapFlux platform. The integration of market data into risk management systems for compliance analysis or other back-office applications, is the current standard for modern banking processes. SnapFlux provides clients with market data sourced from Refinitiv, Bloomberg and the European Central Bank.”

From our perspective there are significantly more data providers and sources that could be integrated by means of standard adaptors, the scope of the product suite has been extended just recently to cover Rating as well as Scoring data as well.

If you’re interested in reading more about our SnapFlux suite of products, have a look at
www.snapflux.com or contact us directly.

To review the full Infinite Intelligence report follow this link:
Infinite Intelligence – Directory Articles – Banking Technology Rankings 2023: The winners revealed (infinite-intelligence.net)

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