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oraise-loesungen-solutions für die Finanzmärkte

Solutions by oraïse for the sell side, buy side and corporates.

Our service portfolio serves a single purpose: the development of tailor-made solutions for you, our customers. The one goal: to meet your individual requirements for data management and IT operations. In this section, browse examples with a business focus to show what such tailor-made solutions can look like.

Use cases: oraïse solutions for the sell side

The sell side is the part of the financial sector with the highest and most varied demands on the operation of IT, market data platforms and the supply of applications with qualitatively appropriate data. Maintaining compliance with exchanges and data vendors is a key factor, cost efficiency is a common focus, as is transferring infrastructure operations to the cloud. All of these are relevant issues today. Read examples of how oraïse can support you with them.

Use cases: oraïse solutions for the buy side

The focus of the buy side of the financial sector is the investment process and all the functions required for analysis, calculation, transaction processing and risk assessment. The regulation places specific requirements on the IT of these companies, which often outsource parts of it and/or operate them in the cloud. Here you can read sample solutions of what we have already implemented with our buy-side customers.

Use cases: oraïse solutions for corporates

The requirements of companies in terms of IT support and data management differ structurally only slightly from those of the financial sector. Depending on the orientation and type of business of the company, however, data requirements change in terms of their type, specialization and size, and other types of use and applications come to the fore. Here are some implementation examples.

Multivendor platform in the cloud

Use Case: Multivendor Platform in the Cloud

Feature, Magazine, Use Case – January 5, 2023

This article features the use case of a particular challenge, that was resolved at a German Tier 2 bank together with oraise. As the client requested to integrate Market Data deliveries from a total of four vendors and system management in the Cloud, there was a variety of solution components to be considered. Read more…

platform implementation handling market data

Use Case: Complete new implementation of a Market Data platform including full operational support

Feature, Use Case – November 8, 2022

Some circumstances, in this case a corporate restructuring, makes significant changes to their IT infrastructure necessary. Here is an existing client environment, where an enetirely new Market Data Platform had to be implemented, together with the connections to the data feeds of Refinitiv and Bloomberg as well as the support of the entire terminal business.

Outsourcing in Asset Management

Use case: Outsourcing the entire IT infrastructure for an Asset Manager

Feature, Magazine, Use Case – October 25, 2022

Use case of oraise describing the needs and challenges when considering an IT outsourcing of infrastructure in Asset Management


Use-Case: Enterprise Data Management for a specialised Institution

Feature, Magazine, Use Case – October 17, 2022

The client was looking for a new system to assess and validate end-of-day data for a manageable data universe and did not want to implement a full EDM system of the well-known system providers. Within the scope of a tender, the fast and simple implementation as well as the functional features of a tactical EDM…

Enterprise Data Management für L-Bank mit SnapFlux

L-Bank opts for SnapFlux financial market data management system from oraïse

Advice, Announcement, Feature, Magazine, Use Case – December 8, 2021

L-Bank choosing and implementing a financial market data management system from oraise.

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