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Multivendor platform in the cloud
Market data delivered via cloud-based multivendor platform

Use Case: Multivendor Platform in the Cloud

Feature, Magazine, Use Case – January 5, 2023

This article features the use case of a particular challenge, that was resolved at a German Tier 2 bank together with oraise. As the client requested to integrate Market Data deliveries from a total of four vendors and system management in the Cloud, there was a variety of solution components to be considered. Read more…

Neues Rechenzentrum NTT für oraise

New Data Center NTT

Announcement, Magazine – April 8, 2021

In addition to the public cloud solutions (AZURE AWS GOOGLE) and the so far existing data centres at Equinix and Interxion in Frankfurt and Zurich, the oraïse services are now also available in the NTTData data center Frankfurt