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About oraïse

oraïse: the company

oraïse is the specialized IT service provider for the financial markets and an IT partner for companies who want to outsource their essential IT processes. Do you want tight workflows, automated integration of market data, complete IT solutions? We enable the efficient, flexible and successful employment of information technology through innovative solutions.

IT services for the financial markets

oraïse ensures improved processes, lower costs and higher competitiveness.

Software and system development, integration, implementation or operation of trading or market data applications and front office systems: these are just some of our services.

Our main focus is always the customer’s benefit, i.e., improved business processes, lower costs and thus the strengthening of competitiveness.


  • Founded in 1994
  • Owner-run
  • Headquarters in Schindellegi (CH) and Bremen (DE)
  • 9 locations
  • Around 100 employees
  • ISO 27001 certification

Time for a leg up in the financial markets!

The times of sluggish processes, unreliable systems and market disadvantages are over. Financial market participants like your company can now use information technology more efficiently, flexibly and successfully than the competition, all thanks to oraïse’s innovative solutions.

We offer our customers support for essential outsourcing of their IT processes. Our departments responsible for the provision of IT services offer industry-leading quality with an ISO 27001 certification.

With our experience in the financial market environment dating back to 1994, we offer a range of services from consulting and planning through development, implementation and operation to long-term support. Our extensive knowledge of the processes and organization of financial companies combined with profound technical know-how fuel our innovative and future-oriented solutions.

As an owner-run company, oraïse is a force to be reckoned with on the salient financial markets in Germany and Switzerland.

More efficiency and profitability for your financial enterprise

…now! oraïse is your IT partner on the financial markets with actionable solutions, consulting and innovative tools from the worlds of IT and management. Let’s work together on the future of your financial enterprise – starting right now. Sign up via e-mail!