Exchange Services | Eurex Repo

Exchange Services | Eurex Repo
High availability, transparent, cost-optimised.

Our solution Exchange Services | Eurex Repo allows enterprises to access all applications they need to trade on the Eurex Repo platform without incurring major implementation expenditure and without installing local servers.

  • Simple and quick access to the Eurex Repo trading system
  • Rapid TTM, decreased total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Comprehensive integration in existing processes

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Exchange Services | Eurex Repo – Service Portfolio

Advantages at a glance:

  • Connectivity to Xemac, CCP and CRE
  • High availability and fault tolerant operation
  • Redundant, virtual infrastructure across two data centres (distance >12km)
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Operated by ITIL-certified service managers (v2 and v3)
  • Variety of service models, updates and patches, documentation, Analysis and maintenance, remote maintenance
  • Professional monitoring and reporting
  • Reports are provided in various formats (e.g. XML, TXT, …) or via database
  • Integration of the Enhanced Risk Solution according to customer requirements

Our solution concept Exchange Services | Eurex Repo enables enterprises to easily and quickly implement all the advantages of a managed hosting solution. As a multimember service provider we have years of experience in integrating and operating stock exchange systems.

Access and Integration

In addition to the required applications e.g. Xemac and CCP our solution also offers a professional reporting (Common Report Engine: CRE). If required the reporting is available in various formats (e.g. XML, TXT, etc. ) or via database. The Integration of the Enhanced Risk Solution is tailored to customer needs, too.

Different access modes are available depending on customer requirements via the Internet or leased lines. The Internet-based solution allows users to access the Eurex Repo GUI quickly and easily. In order to use 3rd party applications directly via the interface, connections are provided via dedicated lines.

Infrastructure and Maintenance

By using our redundant infrastructure (Equinix Colocation FR2-FR4, distance> 12 km), our customers benefit from increased availability and reliability. Our systems are permanently maintained and optimised as part of our quality assurance, guaranteeing consistently high performance levels for our clients.

The complete operation is realised and ensured by our professional service technicians. Local maintenance omitted, the productivity increases and the functionality is guaranteed at all times. In addition, we provide business continuity for our customers with emergency workplaces.

In addition, Exchange Services | Eurex Repo provides the option to downstream in-house systems easily and quickly via various interfaces.

Markets of the Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo is a member of the Gruppe Deutsche Börse and ranks among the leading markets for electronic repo trading operating three markets in secured funding and financing:

  • GC Pooling
  • Euro Repo
  • SecLend

Please find more information on the website of the Eurex Repo.