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Highly Available, Transparent and Cost-Optimised.

With our user friendly access to the new CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo, enterprises benefit from a managed hosting solution, easy and quickly. Depending on customer requirements, different types of access are available.

  • Fast and easy access to the CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo
  • Short Time-to-Market, reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Comprehensive integration into existing processes

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Exchange Services | SIX Repo – Our portfolio

Advantages at glance:

Together with their new CO:RE trading platform the SIX Repo introduced a new trading frontend with several new functionalities, like the new Evergreen Contract. As the Service Connector is no longer supported, every trading terminal and API based application requires a direct VPN access to the CO:RE backend, or a HW router with VPN capability. Traders need to timely adjust their IT infrastructure and connectivity setup, which typically requires the launch of an IT project.
The oraïse Exchange Services | SIX Repo deliver a tailor-made access to the new CO:RE platform, for an immediate use. A parallel test operation is made possible even during the changeover period and the access can be provided within a few days. This facilitates the migration considerably.

Advantages at glance:

  • Fast and easy access to the CO:RE trading platform of SIX Repo for the markets: CH Repo and OTC Spot with new functionalities (Extended Tri Party Agent) and trade types (Rollover, Evergreen)
  • Short project duration due to virtualisation technologies
  • No VPN software clients required
  • Independent of the customer specified Java versions
  • Virtualisation infrastructure implemented in two data centers in Zurich
  • High availabiltiy and system stability
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Operated by ITIL certified service managers and engineers (v2 und v3)
  • Different service models, updates & patches, documentation
  • Fault analysis and maintenance, remote maintenance
  • Professional monitoring and reporting
  • Service recommended by SIX Repo

Services and Integration

oraïse offers three services to facilitate the migration to CO:RE.

Full Service Package – oraïse provides connectivity to SIX Repo and delivers a virtualised trading frontend for the trader‘s workstation. We utilise a fault tolerant virtualisation platform, which is operated in Zurich. No migration effort applies to participants of the CO:RE platform. The connection to the oraïse Exchange Services | SIX Repo platform can be implemented in different ways, including secure leased lines and secured internet connections.

Hosted Router Package – For a secured access to the CO:RE backend oraïse provides a dedicated router in both separate Zurich data centers. The participants can consolidate their trading frontend and also applications using API via this router – the software is run on the participant’s premises, with network connections to the hosted router in the data center is maintained by the customer.

Housed Router Package – oraïse provides a dedicated router with VPN capability at the participant‘s site for the duration of the contract term. The network connections to the SIX Repo systems are managed by the customer. The router is remotely monitored with a dedicated network link by the oraïse Remote Monitoring Center, in order to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

In all three scenarios, the installation and maintenance of VPN client software on the trader‘s workstations is not required and specific certificates are not needed. With the oraïse Exchange Services | SIX Repo, financial enterprises are accessing the new CO:RE trading platform with minor effort and avoiding the maintenance of local routers.

Updates and Maintenance

We support all of our customers, specially for all regular release updates. The complete operation is achieved and guaranteed by our qualified technical team. Customer local maintenance, installing of updates and new releases on trader workstations is no longer required. This will result into higher productivity and the functionality is available at any time. Please get in touch for consultation on a customised solution.

Markets of the SIX Repo

In May 2013, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) chose SIX as partner for the new Swiss money market. Exchange Market brokers can trade their Repo spot deals in Swiss denomination (primary and secondary markets) over the SIX platform since May 2014. This was feasible without any changes of connectivity, trading or clearing activities procedures. In 2015 a new solution will be launched, providing several advantages for trading and transaction management. This includes, higher liquidity as well as a high performance trading platform with standardised interfaces and new functionalities for the markets CH Repo and OTC Spot. An improved Tri-Party Agent is planned for a later release, for optimised collateral management.

Swiss Francs (CHF)
This market offers trading in Swiss Francs, as well as, multi-currency cash-liquidity trading in thirteen different currencies, securitised assets with a selection of bond baskets by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) or other Securities and Shares (Equities).

OTC Spot Market
This market facilitates efficient auctioning and trading of SNB bills in Swiss Francs and US Dollar denomination as well as Swiss registered money-market book claims.

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