FXT Companion

A Tailor-Made Solution by oraïse
Customised, Safe and Reliable

FXT is the new Refinitiv FX trading solution, replacing the well-known Dealing System. For a smooth transition, oraïse offers a solution tailored to customer requirements, ensuring trade operation and the integration into bank internal systems, including post-trade processing.

  • Extensive experience in the FX market and related technologies
  • Modular service model for a customised solution
  • Management of all aspects together with Refinitiv

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FXT Companion – Our Solution in Detail

  • Connection via Internet or Direct Delivery
  • Integration into existing Dealing-Network and optimisation of the infrastructure
  • Parallel use of Dealing and FXT during migration phase
  • Remote monitoring, update service and operation – “Carefree“

oraïse supports you during the migration and operation

oraïse supports you in all specific issues that arise during the migration to a full integration of the FXT functionality in Eikon. We offer targeted assistance, with years of experience in the currency market. The oraïse infrastructure services can be commissioned directly or ordered at Refinitiv. In full, the services include the following elements:

  • Hardware leasing option for clients, servers and infrastructure components
  • Migration support
  • Project management
  • Integration service
  • Operation of Dealing Communication Appliance with required interfaces (Feed Handler) and remote maintenance option
  • Pro-active update service for the FXT application
  • Patch Management for Microsoft Windows clients, and anti-virus protection
  • Eikon operation on FXT client including update service


The core component of the infrastructure is the Dealing Communication Appliance (DCA), which is integrated into the existing customer transaction network. It can be addressed by both the existing Dealing 3000, as well as the newer FXT components. In order to provide all trading processes through a centralised and failsafe server instance, the necessary adapters (Feed Handler), for example Ticket Printing and Ticket Output Feed, are operated on the DCA. In addition to domain services for the administration of associated FXT clients, a comprehensive update and patch management is provided. The update and patch management serves both the Refinitiv software, as well as the necessary operating system updates and anti-virus protection, which are initiated via the DCA. With the remote maintenance option via a secure Internet connection, our specialists access the systems in case of failure or for coordinated processes for maintenance.


It is possible to use of the integrated fat clients FXT terminals during the migration phase with the currently-used Dealing environment is possible. For a successful conversion, oraïse ensures that all necessary aspects concerning Refinitiv are considered. On the request of the customer, the FXT clients enable a parallel operation of the Eikon application without any loss of performance. The latest FXT releases are tested on the reference system and included in the update services once per quarter. The releases are securley distributed, by agreement with the customer, onto the trader’s workstations. In addition a connection to various video switch systems (e.g. WEY) is ensured.

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