Interface Development

Structured information and data streams

oraïse develops comprehensive applications tailored to suit your requirements for the connectivity into market data systems, trading applications and finance data systems. Our developers are at your side, beginning with the idea, the concept design, development and the live date of the solution up to and including support during operation. For our clients, we realise in the field of the Interface Development:

  • Structuring of complex financial market data and the integration into existing applications and systems
  • Comprehensive application development
  • Customisations for existing in-house systems

Interface Development – Service portfolio

  • Integration, modification and migration of applications
  • Integration of existing, heterogeneous data sources
  • Custom data transformation of financial data for in-house systems
  • Structuration of complex financial data and integration into existing applications and systems
  • Custom interface development (stateless, statefull)
  • Interfaces to common software solutions (SAP, RMDS, TREP-RT, RFA/OMM, Avaloq etc.)
  • Interfaces to exchange trading systems (FIX, EBS; ETS; Values API, PAPI)
  • Software development as a package (complete application development)
  • Quick development of interfaces and adapters
  • Extensive IT, product and markets knowledge
  • Certifications and competence in multiple methods (agile methods like SCRUM)
  • Cost transparency
  • The ability to deliver on time
  • Low implementation, administration and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of TCO by using proven and selected open source technology