Market Data Administration

Optimised Market Data Administration – MDA Services

oraïse enables financial companies to automate the market data management in a simple and innovative way.

Transfer your Refinitic DACS and Bloomberg EMRS to us and minimize your own workload.

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Market Data Administration – Our Solution in detail

With oraïse Market Data Administration you can outsource the administration of Refinitiv DACS and Bloomberg EMRS. We take over the activation and deactivation, the reporting as well as the preparation of the DAD for you.

By choosing oraïse, you are also choosing the use of market-leading and innovative technologies. In this way, our customers receive a comprehensive service for market data administration.
Our MDA Services are optimally adapted to the individual needs of financial institutions and enable rapid implementation of professional market data management. There are different service and operating models to choose from to ensure the production of operational safety and transparency for our customers, they are dependent on:

  • The type, extent and characteristics of the relevant services (SLA), depending on the the customer’s requirements
  • Frequency of required analysis and reports (once, monthly, quarterly, …)
  • Number of users
  • Number of Stock Exchange connections and Vendors
  • Special conditions (Emergency Request, etc.)
To sustainably improve the efficiency and transparency of the market data administration there are different modules to choose from. With a professional market data management and the provision of qualified managed services, oraïse offers a comprehensive and bespoke portfolio for the financial market and in particular for trading. Moreover, oraïse supports different interfaces; for example:

  • Reinitiv DACS
  • Bloomberg EMRS