Market Data Administration

Optimised Market Data Administration – MDA Services

oraïse enables financial companies to automate the market data management in a simple and innovative way. Together with our partner Information Performance AG in St. Gallen we use a unique software suite that provides a solution for all requirements in the field of market data management. From invoice receipt, user and vendor management, contract, license and order management to monitoring and reporting.

  • Complete cost transparency and automated digital invoice matching
  • Accurate, transparent and decisive supply of the internal cost allocation
  • Allows for continuous monitoring and possible reduction of costs

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Market Data Administration – Our Solution in detail

The oraïse market data administration suite enables monitoring and reconciliation of market data calculations, even if prices are changing frequently and customer contracts are not standardised. oraïse reduces the complexity of the tasks, to enable easy invoicing for end-users market data delivery. The innovative software also simplifies complex requirements, such as sharing of software and equipment and varieties of contracts, services and cost options. Moreover, it provides a fully integrated and easy to use reporting tool that allows ad-hoc reporting for all levels. Per user, organisational unit, service, supplier, contract, etc.

When you adopt oraïse, you choose market-leading and innovative technologies. Through our partnership with the BST Banking Software Training AG from Switzerland, our customers can take full advantage of comprehensive service for market data administration and cost control.
Our MDA Services are optimally adapted to the individual needs of financial institutions and enable rapid implementation of professional market data management. There are different service and operating models to choose from to ensure the production of operational safety and transparency for our customers, they are dependent on:

  • The type, extent and characteristics of the relevant services (SLA), depending on the the customer’s requirements
  • Frequency of required analysis and reports (once, monthly, quarterly, …)
  • Number of users
  • Number of Stock Exchange connections and Vendors
  • Special conditions (Emergency Request, cost centre accounting, etc.)
To sustainably improve the efficiency and transparency of the market data administration there are different modules to choose from. With a professional market data management and the provision of qualified managed services, oraïse offers a comprehensive and bespoke portfolio for the financial market and in particular for trading. Moreover, oraïse supports different interfaces; for example:

  • Reuters DACS
  • Bloomberg SID-Reports
  • ERP systems such as SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
With the oraïse market data administration you will receive a comprehensive software suite allowing for automated order processing of purchase orders for financial products and information services, via fax or e-mail.

oraïse market data administration – Benefits for your orders

  • automates the entire order processing workflow or defined parts thereof
  • visualises contractual dependencies in the ordering processes and defines them
  • can be seamlessly integrated into the oraïse product range, is compatible with standard browsers and due to its flexible architecture, meets all requirements of client needs and individual order workflows
  • simplifies the task of multi-stage or single authorisation processes based on your workflow
  • executes all orders, amendments and cancellations with the browser-based GUI
  • sends all orders directly to the person responsible via e-mail and allows for changes, rejections or confirmations within the GUI
  • provides a user-specific notification system and automates order and cancelation processes
oraïse automates the processing of contracts from various suppliers and the fulfilment of agreements. Dependencies on main and subcontracts are observed as well as license agreements. In addition of managing all liabilities, you dispose of an efficient and transparent reporting at the same time.

oraïse Market Data Administration – Benefits for your contract management

  • enables the management of all types of contracts with a single program
  • enables you to have full control over payments, restrictions and cancellation conditions by ensuring a comprehensive overview of each contract
  • offering a digital contract management system with automatic alarm and warning function
  • the flexible front-end design meets various customer requirements
  • the integrated reporting provides full cost transparency