Markus Hengstenberg, CEO of oraïse attends Managed Service Providers Webinar hosted by ITRS Group Ltd as speaker

Join him on September 13th 2012, 14:00 BST (GMT+1) 15:00 CET

The webinar will provide you with practical examples and lessons learned on how to differentiate from competitors and reduce operating costs in the area of financial markets performance monitoring software and managed services.

Besides this you will learn how to:

Enhance your product by adding real-time monitoring and performance management capabilities without incurring significant development and support costs.

Increase transparency to your clients and provide them with extensive business metrics, such as changes in trading patterns, number of orders filled/unfilled, which trading venues are giving the best and worst latencies, enabling them to leverage information for their benefit and proactively contact clients.

Provide customer dashboards for proactive monitoring of all critical systems and applications, including business content of underlying message streams.

Pre-warn your clients of issues that will affect them ahead of time.

Please click the following link to register the free ITRS Group webinar with Markus Hengstenberg, CEO of oraïse.

Further information about the ITRS Group and the Managed Service Providers Webinar under the following link

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