BST and oraïse announce a strategic partnership.

Effective immediately, the new partnership brings together core competencies in the field of qualified managed services and innovative software solutions in the banking sector.

Bremen, Jona, 31 March 2014: The Swiss company BST Banking Software Training AG, based in Jona (Canton of St. Gallen), producer of the innovative software suite FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript], and oraïse, IT business partner for the financial market, with headquarters in Bremen (Germany), agree a strategic partnership with the aim of exploiting synergies and jointly promoting market development, especially in Britain and France as well as in Germany and Switzerland.

This partnership thus brings together two companies with the know-how to close the gap between professional market data management and the provision of qualified managed services to the financial market and, in particular, the trading sector. In addition to the integration of FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] modules into the oraïse service suite, oraïse takes over the exclusive distribution of FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] in Germany.

FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] by BST enables companies to automate market data management in a simple yet innovative way. Various modules are available for selection and allow users to sustainably improve efficiency and transparency in market data management. FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] is the unique software suite for all market data management requirements, from invoice entry to user and vendor management through contract, license and order management to monitoring and reporting.

The core competencies of oraïse include professional operating and service concepts for trading and IT. oraïse has acted as IT business partner since 1994 and has a broad portfolio of individual and modular managed services. The range of services extends from the operation of complex IT infrastructures and hosting through on-site services, remote support and market data management to connectivity solutions and virtualisation for customers in the market and trading data environment.

“The partnership with BST puts us in a position to significantly expand our portfolio in the field of managed services for the financial market. For us this is a real gain because, through the use of FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript], in addition to improved transparency and cost control we can offer our customers further added value in the form of extended, qualified services,” says Markus Hengstenberg, Managing Director of oraïse GmbH.

Martin Reichmuth, Managing Director of BST AG, can also see only positives in the agreed partnership. “In oraïse, with immediate effect we have at our side a well-known partner with whom we can jointly drive forward the commercialisation of our FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] suite, especially in Germany, Britain and France. Both parties complement each other ideally and the new, expanded managed services of oraïse represent real added value for our existing customers.

Manuel Räber, Managing Director of oraïse Schweiz AG, adds in conclusion: “The partnership with BST underscores our internationalisation efforts and represents a further milestone in the expansion of our service portfolio. In BST, we have found the perfect partner to reinforce our activities within Europe. We are very excited about this partnership.”

About BST Banking Software Training AG:

BST Banking Software Training AG was founded in 1989 and focused on advising banks in the area of market data. To this day, managed services are one of the cornerstones of BST, complemented by consulting and the FinOffice[superscript]®[/superscript] software suite, which was developed in-house. BST has offices in Zurich, New York and London and focuses on strategic distribution partnerships, both in Europe and worldwide, in order to provide optimal support for BST products and services. For more information, please visit:

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