oraïse is a certified Fair Company

The Fair Company initiative represents a new work ethics.

According to the rules of the Fair Company initiative oraïse e.g. replaces no full-time positions by trainees, does not put graduates who applied for a permanent position with an internship and provides internships for professional orientation mainly during the career training.

Thus oraïse certifies a long-established business practice, which we are proud of. Thereby we emphasise our belief and voluntarily commit to a modern, responsible and respectful corporate culture that provides fair opportunities for young graduates.

We are Fair Company because …

… it corresponds with our corporate values:
We take a long view and treat others like we want to be treated: with dignity and appreciation. Our work within the company and with our customers is characterised by mutual respect, flat hierarchies and short lines of communication.

As a privately owned company, we behave responsibly with a long-term focus. A trusting collaboration with our partners, customers and employees is a vital component of our sustainability strategy. Similarly, our self-image is shaped by these values. Commitment is not a trend for us, but part of our corporate culture. Since the company foundation in 1994, we are committed to social projects, sustainability, ecology and the environment.

We offer a suitable platform for students and give them the opportunity to try out their theoretical knowledge in practice with one of our teams. Thereby the Fair Company seal gives them the confidence for fair framework conditions.

Please find the oraïse profile and more information about the Fair Company initiative and participating companies on the website of Fair Company.

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