SnapFlux | Avaloq certified for Avaloq Core 4.1

We are pleased to announce that SnapFlux | Avaloq has again recieved the predicate “Avaloq Certified Adapter” by the Avaloq Evolution AG for Avaloq Core (version 4.1).

SnapFlux | Avaloq – optimise your Market Data Integration Process: easy, quick and failsafe!

SnapFlux | Avaloq enables financial enterprises to integrate Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg market data on a regular, automated basis into Avaloq Core. SnapFlux | Avaloq eliminates manual procedures and increases operational safety significantly. Learn all the details here.

Avaloq Core – Everything the banking business needs: integrated, flexible and scalable.

Avaloq Core comprises a fully integrated, modular banking solution of back, middle and front office functionalities and is successfully run in the most demanding financial centres in the world. Avaloq Core provides customised, state-of-the-art business solutions based on the latest technologies. Its complete integration allows end-to-end coverage of processes with maximum efficiency and flexibility. Learn all the details about Avaloq Core.

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