SnapFlux PDF Creator

SnapFlux PDF Creator enables corporate clients to create personalised documents that contain up-to-date market data about their own company, important commodities, currencies, indices, and other companies of the industry – just to name a few.

  • oraïse supports you with the design
  • Solution based on the established SnapFlux infrastructure

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SnapFlux PDF Creator – Advantages at a glance

Your advantages

  • oraïse will create a template where the latest market data snapshots will be inserted according to your specifications
  • Individual layout with customer logo, colours etc. and static graphical elements are possible
  • Tabular display of prices or values
  • Collection of appropriate financial market information
  • Individual storage of time series
  • Graphic representation of time series (charts)
  • Derived statistical values (YTD, YOY, MTD, MOM) can be used


  • Documents are created on oraïse servers
  • Encrypted download via SFTP


  • SnapFlux PDF Creator uses the established infrastructure that is used by numerous clients throughout Germany and Switzerland for the supply of their banking and back office systems.

In order to use the SnapFlux PDF Creator Services a market data source is necessary; usually this requires a licensed product from a market data vendor. SnapFlux allows you to provide the data in the way you need it: be it market data obtained as snapshots from real-time data infrastructures, results from REST/(s)ftp queries, or market data from webpage scraping.

It is also possible to use various providers and types of connections. The SnapFlux data universe is, generally speaking, unlimited – market data of the different vendors are scaled to the point: prices, quotes, market, and timestamps. SnapFlux PDF Creator is able to display customised time charts; it can calculate statistical values and create charts that can be used in the final document.

Data is delivered in a standardised format by the SnapFlux infrastructure. The original data and the recorded time series can be modified or derivations can be made before the data is delivered. The schedules for data snapshots and document creation are customisable.

The infrastructure is administered via the central SnapFlux web-frontend. A role and rights system allows for suitable user permissions and restrictions. Adjustments, especially concerning the layout of the produced document, will be implemented by oraïse on request.

The generated documents will be provided on a SFTP server. They will be downloaded by you and can be spread within your company. There is no need for an additional market data infrastructure nor for individually obtaining market data.

You can find more information about the offered data on the pages of Refinitiv and Bloomberg .