SnapFlux for SAP

Service-oriented Architecture for Standardised Integration of Market Data in SAP

SnapFlux for SAP automatically provides current financial market data for SAP R/3 from various sources (Refinitiv, European Central Bank,
numerous Landesbanks, etc.).

  • Customised financial information for your specific needs
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased availability and resiliency
  • Reduction of manual data entry


SnapFlux for SAP – Detailed solution overview

SnapFlux for SAP lets you choose the data you need – exchange rates, interest rates, forwards and swaps – from all available instruments. For example, depending on the scope of data, it gives you a direct comparison of the 32 leading global currencies against the EUR and/or USD. Of course, you can also choose to compare all 160 global currencies and cross-compare any of them.

Interest rates can be integrated on an individual basis and include Depot, Swap and Libor rates for different currencies and maturities. If the number of required instruments increases beyond 200, it becomes mandatory to enter an additional Datascope Select contract with Refinitiv.

Standardised data is provided by the SnapFlux infrastructure. Changes or transformations of the original data are possible, even before delivery. In addition to changes in market prices with constant factors (eg. ounce / kg), spreads, interpolations and cross rate calculations, complex formulas and aliases of Intrument names are also possible. The effect can be checked in the device and compared with the original data.

The intervals of the data delivery are arbitrary, with the shortest interval beeing 10 seconds. There are also different frequencies in different periods of a day configurable.

A role and rights system provides the appropriate access options and restrictions. Optionally the configuration can be performed by ASP administrators, administrators of the customer or on request by oraïse service employees. Individual data deliveries can be configured and customised without administrator rights.

  • Customised financial information for your specific needs
  • Secure, automated Web-based data transfer
  • Updates according to your schedule (32x/day max.)
  • Improved data quality
  • Fewer errors/elimination of manual entry of data and process flows
  • Simple and fast integration
  • Central helpdesk and support
  • Guaranteed availability of historical data
More Information about SAP is here.