Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance Service: improved processes within the software lifecycle.

Our services are not limited to software development; we also offer operation, support and maintenance of not only standard software, but also of custom software systems, applications and interfaces. Our best-practise model enables enterprise to improve the effectiveness and cost transparency of existing systems on a long-term basis.

  • Standardised processes and expert level knowledge of methods
  • Support of a broad spectrum of different codes and frameworks
  • Increase in resiliency and quality within the software life cycle
  • Increased security of investment

Software Maintenance – Service portfolio

  • Version control and management of all relevant source codes and artefacts
  • Delivery of on-demand development environments incl. automated build generation
  • Qualified 3rd level support: analysis of software problems and classification of bugs and change requests
  • Pro-active bug fixing
  • Preparation of releases and roll-outs
  • Monitoring of changes of 3rd party interfaces
  • Integration of API changes using minor releases
  • Customised SLAs
  • Qualified add on services
    • Major API changes
    • Major changes initiated via change requests
    • Premium software maintenance including monitoring of 3rd party interfaces, components and security exploits
  • Improved security of investments through continuous maintenance and development of existing systems
  • Increased resiliency and quality within the software lifecycle through qualified analysis and debugging
  • Pro-active management and support
  • Qualified software maintenance for
    • 3rd party systems
    • interfaces and applications
    • custom software
  • Security and exploit management
  • Extensive experience in development, administration, support and operations
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)