When emergency assistance becomes excellent service

Another example of the smooth takeover of a complete application management system was recently completed with the achievement of a milestone:
Due to personnel changes in August, our customer experienced a critical bottleneck in the application management of EUREX modules. We were not only able to offer our customer help in an emergency, but also to provide transition and integration into the existing service.
In parallel, new releases were accompanied in the simulation (Eurex T7 Release 9.0, Eurex C7 7.0, and Eurex F7 3.4). In the last few weeks, all components were transferred to the service and the new releases were accompanied in their productive implementation.

We are particularly pleased to have received such positive feedback from the customer in this week’s service call and to have once again been able to demonstrate our IT and service competence in application management. Whenever it is time-critical and important.

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