Xchange manager

Monitoring the markets of the Deutsche Börse AG.

The gradual introduction of new architectures by the stock exchanges is a major technological challenge for all participants. At the same time it also offers exciting new opportunities.

The Xchange manager enables participants to control the data flow of market prices and transactions. The information provided on their status is always visible for every department involved. Hence, all departments have the same view and knowledge of the current system status.
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Xchange manager in Detail

  • Realtime verification of consecutive sequence numbers for market data
  • Searching current and historical reference data for the purpose of checking the plausibility of transacation data
  • Automated verification of the session and gateway accessibility before the start of day
  • Control of individual multicast streams
  • Realtime display of trade confirmations
  • Automated testing
  • In addition, Xchange manager enables a consolidation on a functional level. The complete history of transactions entered and the data transfer of applications are available in realtime and stored in a database, for example, for targeted troubleshooting and deeper analysis

Xchange manager – markets of the Deutsche Börse AG

  • Eurex Exchange T7
  • Eurex Clearing C7
  • Eurex Repo F7
  • Xetra
  • Scoach

Extendibility to other exchanges distributing market data via IP multicast, for example, NASDAQ OMX and NYSE Euronext.

The Interface – Flexible, transparent and customised

Xchange Manager | Frontend is the graphical user interface useable either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an existing intranet.

The Frontend monitors all market interfaces of the exchange and enables these to be actively responded to, the obtained data is consolidated into clearly presented information, as required. Thus, the processed data is simultaneously available to all departments of a company involved.

Xchange Manager | Frontend is optimally aligned to the specific needs of participants in the markets of Deutsche Börse AG and is quick and easy to use with trading architectures.

Please find more information on the website of the Deutsche Börse AG.